We are quality manufacturers of high grade Sulfamic Acid. The Sulfamic Acid can be obtained from us in custom quantities at reasonable prices. Sulfamic acid is a colorless, water soluble compound which has many applications. The product is used as a herbicide, textile and paper softener, fire agent, and as a metal cleaning agent. Its main uses are in electroplating, coloring of anodized aluminum, analysis reagent, and complex masking agent.


Chemical Name

Amino Sulphonic Acid

Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Sulphamic acid content



1-2% (max.)

Physical Appearance

White Powder

Matter Insoluble in water


Sulphate as So4


Lead as Pb


Iron as Fe


Ammonical Nitrogen as NH4 HSO4


Synonyms of Sulphamic Acid:

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Sulfamic Acid is available in H.D.P.E. bags of net 50 Kgs. Material.

1. Sulfamic Acid has very high shelf life.
2. Sulfamic acid do not require storage/handing arrangement hence no adulteration possible.
3. Sulfamic acid has very high affectivity of the descaling.
4. Complete cleaning can be chemically achieved by Sulfamic acid and does not require post descaling manual cleaning.
5. Sulfamic acid is safe Acid in Amritsar, packed in 50 kgs HDPE bags and has no handling hazards.
6. No storage tanks / system required for dosing.
7. The solid can be directly charged to system eliminating the cost of system reduces the leave of scaling solids and acts as anti - descalant.
8. Accidental excess dosing does not affect the metal of the circulating system but it acts to remove the deposited scale from the system.
9. It is recommended to dose into the cooling water for descaling the condenser on running plant.

1. Sulfamic acid in descaling
Sulfamic Acid is super efficient descaling agent and is used for cleaning a variety of industrial equipment and domestic appliances.

2. Sulfamic acid in paper & pulp Industry
Sulfamic Acid prevents pulp degradation due to temperature at the chlorination and hydrochloride stage. It permits bleaching at higher temperature and lower PH without loss of strength.

3. Sulfamic acid is used in manufacturing of Dyes, Pigments and in the dyeing of leather
Sulfamic Acid removes excess of nitrides used in the diazotization reactions in the manufacturing of dye stuffs and pigments. Nitrides if present in process water of effluents can also be removed by using Sulfamic Acid

4. Sulfamic acid in Chlorine Stabilization
Chlorine gas in water form HOCL which reacts with Sulfamic Acid form N-Chloro-Sulphamic Acid to N-ChloroSufamic Acid more stable and yet has active chlorine, Because of this, Sulfamic Acid is used for stabilizing chlorine in swimming pools and cooling towers.

5. Sulfamic acid in Electroplating and Electro-refining
Metal sulphamate electrolytes values for their high solubility cadmium, cobalt nickle, lead silver and radium sulphamte deposits are bright and dense. Lead sulphamate is used in refining lead when a high quality is desired.

6. Sulfamic acid in Sulphation and Sulphamation
Sulfamic acid is used for sulphation and sulphamation of many organic compounds. Sulphation of aklyl pheno-ethylen oxide condensation products 9for detergents and sulphation of ethoxylated phenol-formaldehyde resins is preferable with Sulfamic Acid. Stronger agents cause unwanted ring sulphomation.

7. Sulfamic acid in the Plastic industry
Sulfamic acid finds application in the plastic wherever a curing agents is required which does not have the disadvantage of inorganic acids and which acts faster than organic acids.

8. Sulfamic acid as a descalant:
The GP grade of Sulfamic acid:
The GP grade may be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils.

The SR grade of Sulfamic acid:
This formulation is recommended for scales containing high silica. Typical examples are scales found in caustic evaporators in the Aluminum industry and black liquor evaporator in the pulp industry.

The TM grade of Sulfamic acid:
This formulation is recommended for removal of scales from heat exchangers made of Titanium metal.

No Fumes, no hazards to equipments and personnel.

Rapid Softening, disintegration and dissolving of scales.

By reducing down-time, productivity is increased. by protecting metal and by uniform leaning of the surface equipment life is prolonged and performance made superior. The above information is adequate for commonly encountered problems of descaling.

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