Formulating pure and hygienic Ferric-Chloride as per the specifications of our clients, we have been able to gain a reckoned name in the industry. Prepared with superior quality by direct chlorination of iron this product is collected after condensation of sublimed product and finds varied applications in different processing industries. We maintain highest standards of quality while processing Iron (III) Chloride (Ferric Chloride) and this is the reason that ferric chloride is used in water purification process. Its excellent capability to coagulate over wide pH range makes it a better choice above the compared chemicals.

It is also known as ferric trichloride, Ferric Chloride, ferric perchloride, iron chloride, iron trichloride and iron perchloride and possess following properties:

Our material is as per IS:711-1970.



FeCl3 (Ferric Chloride Anhydrous)


Greenish to Black, Crystalline powder

FeCl3 (Ferric Chloride) Concentration

98 %

Ferrous Salt as FeCl2

0.10 %  max.


0.50 % max.

Specific Gravity@25°


BIS Specification

IS: 711-1970

Molecular weight


Melting Point

282° C


Miscible in water