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Hydrazine is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula N2H4. It is a colourless liquid with an ammonia-like odor and is derived from the same industrial chemistry processes that manufacture ammonia. However, hydrazine has physical properties that are closer to those of water.

Hydrazine is highly toxic and dangerously unstable, and is usually handled as an aqueous solution for safety reasons.

Hydrazine is mainly used as a foaming agent in preparing polymer foams, but significant applications also include its uses as a precursor to polymerization catalysts and pharmaceuticals . Additionally, hydrazine is used in various rocket fules and to prepare the gas precursors used in air bags.




Molecular Weight


Purity, % By Mass

80 %


colourless, clear liquid


perfectly miscible with water and methanol

Hydrazine (as N2H4) w/w

51.2 + 0.2%



pH of 1% w/v solution


Chloride content (w/w)

< 20 ppm

Iron content (w/w)

< 5 ppm

Ash content (w/w)

< 30 ppm

Ca, Pb, Sn, Zn, Cu


Boiling Range ( C)

115 – 119

Water insoluble matter max. (w/w) %


Refractive Index (20 C)


As a reducing agent for oxygen in boiler feed water, for metal oxides, metal salts, and in chemical syntheses
As a key component for blowing agents in the rubber and plastic industry
As a high-energy rocket fuel
As an excellent starting product for numerous pharmaceuticals such as:
various bacteriocides
tuberculosis agents
veterinary products

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