Boric Acid Chemical Pure Grade which is widely used in various insecticides, industrial products and nuclear power plants. Our range is in the form of colorless crystals or a white powder and is easily soluble in water. These acids are odorless and are generally considered as a safe alternative from hazardous synthetic chemical pesticides.

Nature : Boron Compound
Aspect : White crystalline powder/granular
Solubility : Soluble in water
Toxicity : Toxic, if swallowed
Transportation Category : Non Hazardous
Inflammability : Non Flammable

1. Used as food preservative for storage of grains and washing of fruits prior to long distance shipments
2. Used as an ingredient in mouth washes, eye lotions and antiseptic dusting powders
3. Metallurgy process
4. Insecticides, Industrial Products and nuclear power plants
5. Dyes and pigments industry for manufacturing of phthalocynine blue.
6. Photography ( in developing photographs)
7. Glass : Borosillicate heat and chemical resistance glasses
8. Ceramics : in preparation of hard glazes
9. Preservation of wood
10. Treatment of nylon and other yarns and in stiff bleach finishing