Industrial Chemicals

We Innova Corporate (India), are Industrial Chemicals manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of Industrial Chemicals, with very competitive price. Our Industrial Chemicals is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry. We have....

(Specialty Lubricants)
2. Shailnick
(Cold Repair Epoxies)
3. Silastic
(Rtv Silicon Sealants)
4. Blaser Swiss
(Cutting Fluids)
5. Hylomar
(Jointing Compounds)
6. Stag 'B'

We stand aloft by our unique and unmatchable service provided for on time delivery and after sales service. We go extra mile to serve our prestigious & esteem customers.

For Urgent requirement of Industrial Chemicals or Quick Response kindly Share your requirements on our Mail id with Subject urgent or call us at +91-9312871070 & +91-9911130697.
We can response you on same mail in our next 6 working hours or ASAP.