Sodium Dimethyldithio Carbamate

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Product Details

CAS No. : 128-04-1
Chemical formula : C3H6NS2Na
Form : Liquid
Appearance : Clear, Amber yellow colored liquid
Molecular weight : 145
Ph : 9-11
Odor : Amine odor (i.e. Slight ammonia odor)
Specific gravity (g/cc) : 1. 19
Evaporation rate (water = 1) : 1
Solubility in water : Complete


1. Biocide and fungicide in paper & pulp industry to prevent bacterial growth.
2.Removal of heavy metals as a metal precipitator in electroplating and etching industries.
3.Biocides for sugar industries to prevent sugar inversion and to improve sugar yield.
4.Biocide for industrial cooling towers.
5.To remove bacteria and prevent fouling in industrial wastewater treatment.
6.Keep packages in sealed condition. Storage below 40 degrees should be avoided, as crystallization of the active ingredient can occur.

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