Hydrated Lime

We Innova Corporate (India), are Hydrated Lime manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of Hydrated Lime, with very competitive price. Our Hydrated Lime is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Hydrated Lime manufacturing Industry.

The company is a Leading manufacturer of Best Quality Hydrated Lime. We have created a detailed MSDS for our clients which helps them to gain complete information about our product and its handling.

Packaging : The material is normally packed in New Sound HDPE bags. The material may also be packed as per user's specific requirements.

Quality Conformation : The material is manufactured as per Indian standards and conform to Indian Specifications No. 1540-1990 (Part-II) and tested as per IS No. 1514-1990.

Advantage of using High grade Hydrated Lime having higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide (+90%) over low grade (65% Purity) Hydrated Lime.

We suggest our clients to use High Grade Hydrated Lime as it gives various advantages over Low Grade. The advantages of using high purity Hydrated Lime V/s Low purity are enlisted to make our esteemed customers aware of the real fact.

Reduced Reaction Time : The rate of chemical reaction depends upon the degree of purity of the Chemical being used. Higher the purity, lesser would be the reaction time.

Reduced Consumption : By Quantitative Analysis it is established that 1 M.T. of 90% grade Hydrated Lime is equivalent to 1.378 M.T. of 65% purity Grade . Thus there is a reduction of 37.8% in consumption.

Reduced Handling Cost : By using this high purity material, handling charges inclusive manpower can be reduced by 37% due to reduction in consumption . This is a direct saving in labour cost by the same proportion.

Reduced Transportation Cost : Total transportation cost for carrying Low Grade (65% Purity) Hydrated Lime = Cost of Carrying 65% Pure material + Cost of Carrying 35% impure material. Total transportation Cost for carrying High Grade (90% Purity) Hydrated Lime = Cost of carrying 90% Pure material +Cost of carrying 10% impure material. Thus it's clear that with same transportation Cost 25% more pure material / utilizable material can be transported.

Less Storage Space : As there will be reduction in consumption, less Godown space would be required for storage purpose, there by, reducing storage problem & Inventory cost.

Minimized Disposal Problem : Due to less consumption less sludge would be generated, resulting in reduced disposal cost.

It is evident from above facts that by using High-grade Hydrated Lime containing higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide (90%), the consumption can be reduced by around 38% , there by minimizing the storage and sludge disposal problem. Ultimately resulting in Over all Cost Reduction by 40 % to 45%.

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