Poly Aluminium Chloride - PAC Liquid

We Innova Corporate (India), are Poly Aluminium Chloride - PAC Liquid manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of Poly Aluminium Chloride - PAC Liquid, with very competitive price. Our Poly Aluminium Chloride - PAC Liquid is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry.

For the best quality Poly Aluminium Chloride,Innova Corporate (india), is the perfect destination for you. We have both Liquid Poly Aluminium Chloride as well as Powder Poly Aluminium Chloride. These Poly Aluminium Chlorides are used as raw materials in various industrial and engineering applications. In addition to this, we are one of the prime Polyaluminum Chloride Exporters in India.

Ease of application
Coagulates very effectively in low as well as high turbidity water.
Rapid & better floc formation as compared to Alum.
Less reduction of pH compared to Alum.
Very less sludge generation.
No requirement of other flocculation aids.
Reduced Sedimentation Time.
Effective in wide pH range.
Lower residual aluminium and other heavy metals as compared to Alum.

Highly stable.
Low impurities.
Availability in both Liquid and Powder form.


Sr. Characteristic Unit PAC 10 PAC 14 PAC 18
1. Appearance Clear Pale Yellow Pale Yellow Pale Yellow
Liq. Liq. Liq. Liq.
2. Aluminium as Al2O3 % by Mass 10.0+0.5 10.5+0.3 13.5+0.5 17.5+1.0
3. Basicity % by Mass 40.0+5.0 64 (Min) - 45.0+5.0
4. Chloride as Cl- % by Mass 11.5+1.0 9.5+1.0 20.5+1.5 20.5+1.5
5. Sulphate as SO4, (Max) % by Mass 2.7 2.5 Nil Nil
6. Specific Gravity at 25oC 1.2+0.04 1.2+0.02 1.32+0.02 1.37+0.02
7. Bulk Density gm/ml NA NA NA NA
8. Insolubles, Max % by Mass 0.5 0.5 - -
9. pH of 5% Solution w/v 1.8 - 4.5 2.5 - 4.5 1.8 - 4.5 1.8 - 4.5

Caution :Acidic & Hygroscopic (Powder) in nature.MB :Medium BasicityHB :High Basicity

Municipal & Industrial Portable Water treatments
Municipal & Industrial Waste Water treatments
Sewage Water treatments
Separation of slurry in Industrial processes
Sizing in Paper & Pulp Industry
Decolorisation & Decontamination of dyes in Textile Industry

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