RO Membrane Cleaners

We Innova Corporate (India), are RO Membrane Cleaners manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of RO Membrane Cleaners, with very competitive price. Our RO Membrane Cleaners is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry.

Membrane Cleaning Chemicals lie at the heart of any reverse osmosis system, it is therefore essential that the membranes are maintained in a good clean condition and this should be considered to be an important part of any reverse osmosis maintenance program. Effective cleaning usually requires some knowledge of the type of foulant and the cleaning options available.

It is essential to clean RO membranes at an early stage of fouling. It is often difficult to clean excessively fouled membranes and irreversible damage may occur during the cleaning process. Cleaning with a suitable ROC membrane cleaner is strongly recommended when one or more of the following parameters change by 10 – 15%, after data normalization:

An increase in product water conductivity or salt passage.
An increase in pressure drop across the plant.
An increase in feed pressure.
A decrease in normalized permeate flow (NPF) output or flux.

If any of the above performance parameters deteriorates by more than 30%, it may be impossible to recover plant performance by routine cleaning practices using a suitable membrane cleaner. Our Chemicals are effectively formulated and cleaning includes High pH and Low pH Cleaners with inhibitors.

Our Product is a proprietary blend of mono-polymers and cleaning compounds. The cleaning compounds attack the organic and inorganic fouling. The polymers protect the membrane surface from damage which can be caused by the harmful cleaning chemicals.

Salient Features :

High purity product - synthetic grade.
Fast acting - effective in removing a wide range of scales and deposits.
Does not contain any harmful metal corrosion inhibitor which might adversely affect membrane performance.
Concentrated solution.

Usage Tips :
When adjusting the ph of cleaning solutions or plant feed water always refer to membrane manufacturer's or oem's instructions.
Ourcleaners are used in dilution with potable water that is free of residual chlorine or other oxidizing agents to make the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution must be stirred to avoid localized variations in ph. The cleaning solution is prepared by addition of recommended dosage of product. After adjusting the ph of solution as desired, the cleaning solution is then circulated throughout the system without exceeding pressures, temperatures and flow rates recommended by the membrane manufacturer. Cleaning efficacy can be further improved by heating the cleaning solution and alternately circulating the solution for 15 minutes and then soaking the membranes for 15 minutes. This should be repeated as many times as necessary. Dosage depends on severity of fouling.

We have following types of RO Membrane Cleaners.

1. Low pH R.O. Membrane Cleaner
2. HIgh pH R.O. Membrane Cleaner

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