Pelletised Activated Carbon

We Innova Corporate (India), are Pelletised Activated Carbon manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of Pelletised Activated Carbon, with very competitive price. Our Pelletised Activated Carbon is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry. Pelletized Activated Carbon (pellet) Products also commonly called as Extruded Activated carbon (EAC).

This type of activated carbon, Pellets Activated Carbon is used for vapour phase applications mainly solvent recovery. It is also used for making activated carbon catalyst due to its large surface area and hardness.

Applications of Activated carbon Pellets:
Air stripper off gas
Its purifies carbon dioxide
Used to purity nitrogen in various plastics manufacturing process
Used as a catalyst support and protector
Used in gasoline vapour recovery
Used in recovery of various useful solvents which are emitted out as waste gases in various industries
In gassifiers to purify the gases
To remove odors from the air and gases

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