HCL Acid | Hydrochloric Acid

We Innova Corporate (India), are HCL Acid - Hydrochloric Acid manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of HCL Acid - Hydrochloric Acid, with very competitive price. Our HCL Acid-Hydrochloric Acid is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry..

It is known as a strong acid and is a foremost component of gastric acid. Our offered chemicals are processed under the able guidance of our experts, who utilize quality approved ingredients that are sourced from certified vendors of the industry. Further, these chemicals are tested on various grounds, before dispatching to our customer's destinations.

Some of the applications area of the HCl is as follows:

Acidizing (activation) of petroleum wells
Manufacture of Dyes, phenols and plastics
Manufacture of chemicals intermediates such as FeCl3, ZnCl2, AlCl3,
General Cleaning in households and in commercial, industrial establishments

Hydro Chloric Acid -30% (CAS No. : 732-18-5for water 7647-01-0 for HCI)
Formula (MOL) : Aqueous HCl Acid
Appearance : Clear Colorless Liquid
Assay by GLC : Water 88.9% w/w HCL 11.1%w/w
Specific Gravity : 1.13 Weighted Averages
Purity : 30 % Minimum
Solubility : Easily Soluble in cold & Hot water, also in Di Ethyl Flash Point: 830 C
Safety Precaution : Avoid skin & Eyes contact, strong Irritant
Boiling Point : 270 to 3400 C, Decomposition at 3400 C
End use industry : Dyes & intermediates, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Chemicals
Dispatch Mode : MS Tanker and MS Drum of 50 / 200 Kgs

Hydrochloric Acid is a clear, colorless to Slightly yellow
Liquid with a sharp, pungent and irritating order
It is a strong highly corrosive acid
Soluble in water and alcohol but insoluble in hydrocarbons

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