Chlorinated Paraffin Wax 60%

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Specification Sheet
Parameter Test Method Specifications Specifications
Grade (C10-C13) Grade (C14-C17)
Chlorine Content % ISI- 1448-77 60-62% 60-62%
Color in Hazen Units (HU) ASTM-D-1045-86 60 Max. 80 Max.
Specific Gravity @ 30oC ASTM-D-1045 1.41 +- 0.002 1.41 +- 0.002
Viscosity @ 27oC, Poise ASTM-D-445 20-30 250-500
Free Mineral Acidity KOR/QCD/FP-1.5 0.001 Max. 0.001 Max.
  as mg KOH / gm
Free Chlorine, % ISI-9189-79 Nil Nil
Heat Stability @ 180oC for 20 min. KOR/QCD/FP-1.9 Yellow Yellow
Thermal Stability  KOR/QCD/FP-1.8 0.10 Max 0.10 Max
after 4 hrs. @ 175oC
Volatile loss @ 180oC for 4 hrs.,  KOR/QCD/FP-1.7 1.50 Max 1.00 Max
percent by mass
PH Value of 10 % aqueous extract KOR/QCD/FP-1.11 6.0 +- 0.5 6.0 +- 0.5
Refractive Index @ 27oC ASTM-D-1807 1.524 +-.002 1.524 +-.002
 Note: Specific grades of Chlorinated Paraffin can be made on Request.

Major applications of Chlorinated Paraffin

The largest application for chlorinated Paraffin is as a plasticiser, generally in conjunction with primary lasticisers such as certain phthalates in flexible PVC. The use of chlorinated Paraffin in PVC imparts a number of technical benefits, of which the most significant is the enhancement of flame-retardant properties. This is particularly of benefit in PVC flooring and cables.

Chlorinated Paraffin are also used as plasticisers in paint, sealants and adhesives where the main advantages over alternatives are their inertness and the enhancement of flame-retardant properties. Higher Chlorine content grades are used as flame-retardants in a wide range of rubbers and polymer systems, where they are often used in preference to phosphate and bromine-based additives.

The other major outlet for chlorinated Paraffin is in the formulation of metalworking lubricants where they have long been recognised as one of the most effective extreme pressure additives for lubricants used in a wide range of machining and engineering operations. 

In all of these applications, there is a long history of safe use and some major customers have been using chlorinated Paraffin for over 50 years. .

Chlorinated Paraffin is generally used as plasticizer in manufacturing of

  • PVC compounds for Wires and Cables, Foot wear and Toys.
  • PVC Tubing pipes used for irrigation, gardening and other industrial works.
  • PVC flooring, film & sheets, PVC resin, clothe coating and lubricants.
  • Rubber products like V belts.
  • It is used as flame retardant for impregnating textiles & fabric of all kinds.
  • Find applications in paint industries for the manufacturing of fireproof paints.
  • They have also found application in adhesives, sealants, and caulks and are used in the automotive and metalworking industries as lubricants for wide range of machining and engineering operations.

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