We are one of the Major Exporters in Dubai, Suppliers of Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon on Delhi Based. Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon, which is basically used for water treatment. Its large internal surface area allows Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon to perform better than others. It combines the special advantages of two technologies in one product Silver and Activated Carbon. These two materials together make ideal bacteriostatic water filter media bed.

Silver impregnated Activated Carbon are natural grain coconut shell based with Metallic Silver as an active ingredient. Metal Silver a known bacteriostat is deposited by a unique process on the large surface area available within the pore structure of base carbon.

The process ensures levels of Silver & Nitrate leach well below USEPA / EEC standards.

Silver Impregnated Activated Carbons are used in bacteriostatic water filters which whilst removing objectionable TASTES, ODOURS, COLOURS and SUSPENDED particles from regular tap water, does not allow build up of bacteria in the filter.

This type of carbon is made from coconut shell and activated through high temperature & high pressure steam. This carbon is impregnated with silver, a known bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria with in the carbon media. This product is used only for manufacturing or fabricating bacterio-static water filter products for home use, Cartridges in Dubai, potable water, and beverage water. This product is totally compatible with all municipal water treatment use also.