We are one of the leading Manufacturers in Dubai, Exporters And Suppliers of Activated Carbon Granular For Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).

Activated Carbon Granular is used to adsorb, attach to its internal surfaces unwanted colours, odours, contaminants of suspended organic matters from gases and liquids. Our products have an extensive network of internal pores with enormous surface area. With our unique processing technology we offer various tailor made grades to suit different applications in the industry as per the following below :

1. Activated Carbon Granular For Water Treatment
2. Activated Carbon Granular For Gold Recovery
3. Activated Carbon Granular suitable For Silver Impregnation
4. Activated Carbon Granular For Syrup Solution
5. Activated Carbon Granular For Air and Gas Purification
6. Activated Carbon Granular For Petroleum Refineries
7. Activated Carbon Granular For Effluent Treatment

Activated Carbon Granular for Water Treatment
This granular activated carbon is used for water treatment applications in fixed bed media filters. It is used for removal of taste, odour, chlorine, and dissolved organic contaminants from potable and process water. It is also used in DM plant filters, Tap water filters, Desalination plants and Aquariums.

1. Easy back washing
2. Abundance of micro pores for maximum adsorption
3. High de-chlorination properties compared to coal based carbons

Activated Carbon Granular for GOLD Recovery
Coconut shell based activated carbon granules are widely used for gold recovery in gold mines all over the world. The granules are very hard and free of platelets with large pore volume, rapid adsorption and max gold loading, makes the product ideal for gold mines.

1. Low attrition values
2. Large pore volume with selected pore size
3. Suitable for carbon in leach (CIL) and carbon in pulp (CIP) process

For Silver Impregnation
We are offering granular activated carbon most suitable for silver impregnation.

1. Efficient adsorption and filling characteristics
2. Suitable pore structure for maximum adsorption

Activated Carbon Granular for Petroleum Refineries
Activated Carbon Granules are used as a catalyst support of merox reactors in petroleum refineries. We supply our products to many reputed refineries in Dubai .

1. Extremely hard with excellent durability
2. Can be regenerated

Activated Carbon Granular for Air Purification
Deodouristion and air purification is one of the important areas of application of activated carbon. We offer pure Granular Activated Carbon for the air purification activity. It helps in Refrigerator odour removal, Conditioning of air, Cigarette filters, Kitchen hoods, Gas mask, Purification of industrial and Radio-active gases.

1. Easy removal of dissolved hydro carbons
2. High durability in acidic and basic applications
3. High ignition temperature
4. Low ash content
5. Can be regenerated

Activated Carbon Granular for Syrup Solutions
Soft Drinks and Beverage industries are also using activated carbon granular for the following application in syrup solution.

1. Used for Decolourisation of Sweeteners in Syrup Solution
2. Used in liquor treatment, like improving the taste of liquors
3. Removal of colloidal matters from soft drinks

1. Low ash and dust.
2. Selected pore structure excellent decolourisation

Activated Carbon Granular for Effluent Treatment
Activated carbons in effluent treatment process are used for removal of colour and odour from waste water.

1. Removal of dissolved organic matter
2. Cost effective is elimination of pesticides & pollutants
3. Excellent decolouring

Packings Available

500 Gms to 50 Kg HDPE Bags / Drums