Plastic Labware Products

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Beakers Beakers (Euro Design) Burette Pipette Pump Dropping Bottles
 Reagent Bottles (Narrow Mouth) Reagent Bottles (Wide Mouth) Narrow Mouth Bottle  Wide Mouth Square Bottle Heavy Duty Vaccum Bottle
Carboy Carboy With Stop Cock Aspirator Bottles Wash Bottles Wash Bottles (New Type)
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Wide Mouth Wash Bottles Conical Flask Speciman Jar (Gas Jar) Fisher Clamp Funnel Holder
Seperator Funnel Holder Flask Stand Connectors (T & Y) Connectors (T & Y- New) Connectors (Cross)
Connectors (L Shaped)  Animal Cage Animal Cage (Twin Grill) Retort Stand Desiccator (Vaccum)
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Desiccator (Plain)  Stop Cocks Kipp's Apparatus Funnels - Long Stem Buchner Funnel
Analytical Funnel Petri Dish Petri Dish (Culture) Atomic Model Set Atomic Model Set (Euro Design)
Crystal Model Set Coplin Jar Slide Mailer Slide Box Slide Storage Rack
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Float Rack MCT Twin Rack PCR Tube Rack MCT Box Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom
Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes Urine Container Stool Container Stool Container 25ML
Ria Vial Ria Vial With Screw Cap Test Tube With Screw Cap Test Tube Cap Storage Vial
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Storage Vial With O-Ring  Storage Vial Internal Thread SV10-SV5  Scintillation Vial Rack for Scintillation Vial
Cryo Vial- Internal Thread Cryo Vial Cryo Coders Cryo Rack Cryo Box (PC)
Cryo Box (PP) Immunology Plates Micro Tip Box Micro Tip Box (New) Volumetric Flask
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Petri Dish (Disposable) Rack For Petri Dishes Universal Multi Rack Nestler Cylinder Stand Test Tube Stand
Test Tube Stand (Round) Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes Test Tube Stand (3Tier) Test Tube Stand (3Tier) Material :Polycarbonate Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)
Rack For Micro Centrifuge (Folding) Test Tube Baskets Draining Baskets Pipette Stand (Horizontal) Pipette Stand (Vertical)
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 Pipette Stand (94 Pipette-Rotary) Pipette Box Reagent Reservoir Universal Reagent Reservoir Ice Bucket
Staining Box Measuring Cylinders Measuring Cylinders Hexagonal Measuring Cylinders Pentagonal Measuring Jugs
Measuring Jugs (Euro Design) Conical Measures Seperatory Funnel Spatula Cell Scraper
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Stirrer Policemen Stirring Rods Soft Loop Sterile L Shaped Spreader Micro Pestle
Pneumatic Trough Plantation Pots Laboratory Tray Utility Tray Carrier Tray
Draining Rack Magenta Box  Storage Boxes Simple Cell Pot Laclanche Cell Pot
 Sample Container (Press & Fit Type)

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