SDIC Or Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets are manufactured using Dry Chlorine, Sodium dichloro isocyanurate that is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WHO and UNICEF approved material. Tablets are formulated for accurate treatment of Water. These Tablets are available in different strengths for treatment of Water from 1 liter to 100000 liters of water. Slow to fast dissolving effervescent tablets as per customer requirements. 

SDIC Tablet is an effective purifier of water. Its active principal is Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate (DICHLOROS TRIAZINE 2-4-6 (1H-3H-5H) TRIONIC, Sodium Salt). This is a compound bearing dry chlorine, Hypochlorus Acid that is useful even in hard water. It has a low PH. It contains chlorine stabilizer and because of its dispersible chlorine content, it acts with complete efficiency in water containing high organic contents.

SDIC is also called as NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate).

Advantages of NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) Tablet :
Release chlorine only when dissolved in water.
Tablet is in a stable form.
Easy handling & compact storage: No leaks or spillage.
In water it releases hypochlorous Acid in Arunachal Pradesh, an active ingredient having biocidal activity against Gram Positive & Gram Negative bacteria,
Bacterial Spores, fungi, algae, viruses etc.
Resistant to organic spoilage.
Dissolves quickly in water forming clear disinfecting solution and acidic solution of ph up to 7
Less corrosive to rubber and stainless steel.
Yields known level of available chlorine.

Application of NaDCC Tablets:
Cleaning Operation Theater, emergency wards, surgical wards washing of hands, gloves & other daily use articles, sterilizing of cloths uses by hospitals.

Water Treatment:
Disinfection of water prevention of diseases like diaorhea, cholera, typhoid, jaundice, gastro which predominantly spread through water contamination & is associated with high mortality rate.

General Application: Washing of vegetables, fruits & other edible items, household disinfectant, Ice manufacturing, Disinfectant of feeding Bottles & teats.

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