Calcium hypochlorite is white, light grey in colour powder or granules. It is widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent ,bleaching powder. This chemical is considered to be relatively stable and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite, liquid bleach & yearly loss of chlorine is low.

It can whiten pulp, silk, cloth, fibre and starch. It is also used in dealing with the polluted water, and as an effective disinfectant public health, family sanitation, swimming pool, drinking water, vegetables, fishpond. In addition, calcium hypochlorite may be used to manufacture chloroform.

Normally there are some following basic problems encountered in the maintenance of swimming pools.

Growth of bacteria, viruses and other microbes on the surfaces of the swimming pools and its water exposed to air which may cause infection and diseases to the swimmers.

Due to use of water by swimmers harmful bacteria germs get transmitted into water and become source of many water borne diseases.

Contamination of water from oils, perfumes, urination etc. imparted into the water from the body & hairs of the swimmers makes water unfit for further usage over a few cycles.

These are the reasons why swimming pools require regular and effective treatment by disinfectants. Chlorine is a time tested and trusted sanitizer. It destroys microorganisms and protects swimmers from diseases.

It is a dry form of Chlorine and is very safe to handle. It is readily soluble in water and is free from any organic substances. Its pH of 10.8 helps to maintain optimum pool water pH of 7.2 to 7.6. When using Chlorine gas or Tri chloroisocynurate (TCCA) products for swimming pool sanitization, the pH drops and leads to corrosion of pool surfaces. Due to these reasons we provides better protection for concrete, plaster, pipes and other pool equipment.

It acts as a bactericide, germicide and algaecide and can be used for disinfecting and cleaning purposes.
It is a strong oxidizer and can easily destroy organic body oils and other organic debris if any present in the swimming pool water.
It contains easily soluble granules.
Due to very less exposure of residential pools to the sunlight loss of chlorine is negligible. Hence, there is no requirement of stabilizers such as Isocyanuric acid which further contaminate the water.
It provides crystal clear and clean pool water.
It works to maintain properly established alkalinity levels without further chemical addition.
Most Suitable, Sanitizer and Versatile for Super Chlorination (Shocking) of Commercial Pool Water :
It is very good for shocking to destroy chloramines.
Chlorine is unstabilized and hence there is rapid growth of residual chlorine level into water, which is needed for super chlorination.
The excess chlorine is reduced faster to make swimming pool available to swimmers in a much shorter period of time compared to one superchlorinated with Trichloro containing Isocyanurates.
For routine sanitization also it is used in all commercial pools with added safety by adding stabilizer separately to minimize the loss of chlorine due to exposure to sunlight almost by 50%.
It’s higher alkalinity works as a buffer and helps to keep the pH stable when any acidic material is introduced into water. It is also an important factor in preventing water from turning cloudy and keep the pool water clean and clear.
Calcium hardness protects the pool equipment and it contains calcium.

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