We are major suppliers of Zinc Chloride solutions and Zinc Chloride granular also in powder form. The solutions are available in many concentrations, and can be readily customized for individual customer needs; zinc chloride-based zinc phosphate (ZOP) can also be produced.

Zinc chloride is used in manufacture of fluxes, water treatment Chemicals in Dubai, electrolytes for batteries and electroplating, rubber and fiber vulcanization, as a mordant for textile dyes, and as an intermediate for fertilizers, antibiotics, and catalysts. High purity solutions are available for electronic applications as well.

Chemical name : ZnCl2 Solution
Molecular weight : 136.29
Description : Clear & Colourless liquid
Solubility : Soluble in ether, alcohol & glycerine.

Test Observation
pH (5% Solution) 3.9 to 4.3
pH (10% Solution) 4.6 to 5.5
Chemical Analysis % ppm
Iron as Fe 0.001 / 0.005 10 / 50
Lead as Pb 0.004 / 0.008 40 / 80
Ammonium Chloride as NH4Cl 0.3 to 0.4 %  
Copper as Cu 0.001 / 0.004 10 / 40
Zinc Oxy Chloride as ZnO < 0.7 (or as required)  
Alkalies & Alkaline earth as sulphate 0.001 10
Calsim as CaCl2 0.5%  
Nitrate as NO3 To satisfy the test  
Assy 44 to 45%  
Zinc as Zn    
Packing 50 kgs in HDPE Carboy or Tankers 

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