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Appearance                         : Colorless liquid 
Sp. Gravity at 30° C             : 1.82 
Boiling point                        : 340° C 
Attack many metals with liberation of hydrogen, which is inflammable and forms explosive mixture, Hygroscopic in nature, Oxidizing agent.

Sulphuric acid is an important reagent in a large number of processes. Among the many uses, some of the main ones are :
Catalyst and dehydrating agent in many organic chemical manufacturing and petrochemical processes.
In the manufacturing of detergents.
In the manufacturing of titanium dioxide (a widely used white pigment), and other dyes and pigments.
In the manufacturing of fertilizers mainly phosphates but also zinc in Arunachal Pradesh, ammonium and potassium sulphates.
In the manufacturing process for a range of plastics.
Metal processing such as picking and de-scaling of steel, and non-ferrous metal plating and purification.
Drug production via sulphonation, manufacturing of food acids (citric and lactic acid) and edible oils, Adhesives, Explosives, Synthetic rubber, Water and effluent treatment, Chlorine drying, Wood pulping, Leather tanning, Car batteries.

Causes severe damage to eyes, skin & air passage
Reaction with moist air produces mist, which has severe irritant effect on eyes, skin & air passage.
Store the material in SS & MS tank. Avoid contact with moisture.
Fire risk in contact with organic substances

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