Laboratory Chemicals With R

Quinaldinic Acid GR R.B.C. Diluting Fluid Ringer's Solution
Quinalizarin GR (CI No.58500) Raffinose GR Para-Rosaniline C.I.425000
Quinhydrone Resorcinol Para-Rosaniline Hydrochloride C.I.42510
Quinine Hydrochloride Resorcinol GR Rose Bengal C.I.45440
Quinine Sulphate GR Rhodamine 6 G (C.I.No.45160) Rose Mary Oil
Quinizarine (C.I.No.58050) Rhodamine B (C.I.No.45170) Rose Oil
Quinoline Yellow S/s (C.I.No.47000) Riboflavin p-Rosolic Acid (C.I.No.43800)
Quinoline Yellow W/s (C.I.No.47005) D(+)Ribose Rubeanic Acid
Rutin (Vitamin A) Ruthenium Oxie (About 76% Ru)
Rutin (Vitamin P) Ruthenium Red (About 34% Ru)
Ruthenium Trichloride (About 40% Ru)

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