We are into supply of Alum in Agartala, Ferric & Non Ferric to all our regular clients. Ferric Alum is widely used in Paper Industries & Water Treatment Industries. We offer our clients high quality Non Ferric Alum that is useful for a range of industrial processes. They are soluble in water and possess astringent, acid, and sweetish taste. The chemical is generally used in the following industrial areas:

  • Dyeing and purification
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Water and wastewater treatment

The varied applications of this chemical include:

  • As a flocculating agent in the pulp and paper industry
  • As a coagulant in water and waste treatment for clarifying and or purifying sewage water
  • As a leather tanning agent for clarifying fats, oils and petroleum products
  • As a pH stabilizer applied to soils to make it less alkaline or to produce acid conditions
  • As a cement hardening accelerator
  • As a mordant in dyeing
  • As an anti-caking agent
  • As a flame retardant additive in fire extinguishers
  • As a foaming agent in firefighting foams

Non Ferric Aluminum Sulfate is available to the clients in the form of slab or lumps that are packaged in 50Kgs HDPE Bags. We also undertake bulk orders from our national as well as international clients, and assure to deliver them within the committed time.


For your requirements of Chemicals, please mail us at vinod@innovacorporate.com Or amavinod@bol.net.in or call us on our Mobile No. +91-9312871070 OR 9911130697.