We at Innova Corporate (India) are Importers in Agartala, Dealers & Wholesale Distributors of Sodium Gluconate, which widely appreciated for its purity and quality. 

Odor and Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Purity 98 - 100%
Loss on drying 0.50% Max.
Reducing Substances 0.50% Max.
Heavy Metals 0.002% Max.
As 3 PPM 
Sulphate 0.05% Max.
Chloride 0.1% Max.
Lead 0.001% Max.

Importer of Sodium Gluconate

Innova Corporate (India) is an importer of Sodium Gluconate which is a powder & granular chemical. The Appearance of the material is Whitish to Brownish. Sodium Gluconate is very water soluble. In alcohol it is lesser soluble and is completely insoluble in diethyl ether.

As an eminent importer & supplier of Sodium Gluconate, we has been dutifully catering to every customer demand. We have proved itself as an major supplier of sodium Gluconate and strategically in the Construction Chemicals. 

We are supplying sodium gluconate to various industries including the ones which use chemicals for admixture and waterproofing. Apart from being specialized in providing polymers used in Construction Chemicals along with Ceramic Industry we are exploring many more areas to expand.

We have always valued its relationship with clients, suppliers in Agartala, buyers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturing sub units, regions and also the government agencies.  

For any requirements of Chemicals in Agartala, please mail us at vinod@innovacorporate.com Or amavinod@bol.net.in or call us on our Mobile No. +91-9312871070 Or 9911130697.